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The art of workout planning is here.

Creation of a dynamic training programs in endurance sports. We will adapt to your current physical state and give the best training program for given metrics (available training time, athletic goals, athletic type)
We believe that training programs must be specifically tailored to each person's needs and resources.

Set a program
Set a program
Get Training Schedule
Get a training schedule
Be prepared for the event


With a date in mind and addition of few other details about your preferences and individuality we can better guide to you towards your target race(s). If you have flexibility of the time you can train we can get you a schedule that would get the best use of your time. In the case of not having too much of flexibility, you could show us where and what is restraining/restricting and we will work around those obstacles.


Your training schedule is very unique and tailored to you, your lifestyle, your abilities and your style. The Coach will generate a schedule for you by taking into consideration all of the details about you and your athletic abilities that it can get access to. Resulting set of workouts would be schedules in a such manner as to gain the best fitness with the given time and other limitations.


Train in accordance to the schedule and give us feedback. Feedback will help us to have Laser Precise vision of your trajectory and refine your schedule.
Missed a workout, don’t worry, don’t try to catch up, the Coach will figure out the best way to get out of this situation, will suggest you alternatives. Don’t like the workout suggested, or not feeling like doing a long run on the day, no worries. The coach will suggest for alternatives, it will make sure you do something that is suitable for the time.

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Team of exercise enthusiast that believes in technology. Using technology to get better training advice is what we strive for. We have a firm belief that good coaching is to be available to all not just those who can afford experienced(and expensive) real life coach. We are exited to bring the technology that enables us to train better, and get faster - fast.

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